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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  June 29, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the thunderstorms they came from pennsylvania and they are bearing down across the area all morning long. and now our focal point of severe thunderstorm warnings now are along the eastern shore. so we have some time frames of when it will be in your neck of the woods. chestertown at 8 minutes and 17 minutes church hill. so yes, severe thunderstorm warnings to talk about. again this morning, mainly along the eastern shore. you can see the nasty thunderstorm that's bearing down across the area. with this cell, we are looking at gusty winds in excess of 60 miles an hour and this is pushing to the south and east at about 45 miles an hour. and we are looking at large hail with this as well. so if this is bearing down you know what to do. seek shelter and stay away from the windows. wait for it to pass you and it's moving fairly quickly. it will be out of your area fairly soon. and then we will be in the
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clear as we go through the remainder of the morning. but then we have to talk about the heat. and that goes into effect at 11 this morning. that lingers until 9 and that's for all the areas here shaded in this orange color. this morning already we are dealing with temperatures that are on the warm side. the hot side. 78 degrees right now so close to 80 in chesapeake beach and centerville. so that's what's fueling the thunderstorms and also the high dew points. i will talk more about that when we will get in the clear and what your 4th of july forecast looks like coming up but right now let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are giving away 600 dollars in free gas cards every week for the next through the whole summer. all tough do is look my facebook page and click on the contest tab at the very top of the profile to enter. heading out on 95 here's what it looks like in harford county south of route 152. everything will be be up to speed in this area and will continue that way traveling down towards baltimore county.
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white marsh area starting to pick up a little bit at route 43. but no significant delays and as we pull up drive times on the harrisburg expressway it's going to take 22 minutes to travel southbound from the maryland pennsylvania state line towards 695. once you get on the beltway 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up towards 8 3. west side starting to pick up a little bit 12 minutes to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan over to you. if you are waking up a fire to tell you about this one in southwest baltimore. it broke out shortly after 4 this morning in a row home in the 1900 block of spoons sponson street. there's map indicating the area. it's near came -- sponson street. there's a map indicating the area. sherrie johnson joins with us more. >> reporter: it was a chaotic scene at southwest baltimore. people were running around trying to figure out what was going on. crews arrived on the scene around 4 this morning after the call came in.
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there was a number of crews that responded there. a home at 1960sponson street was engulfed in flames. the 2 1/2 story home was vacant. we are told it was up for sale. the house next door also received exterior damage to the vinyl siding. there were no injuries in the fire and neighbors were evacuated for their safety. they actually were allowed to go back into the home after about an hour and a half. and right now, crews are getting the hot spot and cleaning up the fire. they extinguished it quickly and there's no word on the cause of the fire. and again, no injuries this morning. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new reaction this morning from maryland lawmakers about a landmark u.s. supreme court ruling. justices decided that the president's health care reform plans did go forward. so, the heart of the law this is an individual mandate which requires all of you to have medical insurance. >> this is the voice of
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democracy. god bless you god bless america thank god the supreme court follows the constitution. >> the decision by the supreme court was 5-4 and in a surprise to many chief justice john roberts sided with liberal justices. the decision upholding the health care reform law will affect all of us and lot of you wonder how. so abc2 news linda so explains the impact on all of us. >> reporter: we are joined by a registered nurse. you work in the emergency room and have seen how the law will impact people firsthand. what does it mean for you and me? >> so it means for us that we will have coverage for health insurance. the risk pool is those with chronic illnesses. [audio not understandable] so instead of it being to. [audio not understandable] every one has a even playing
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field as far as premiums. >> reporter: people against the law says they are worried about the cost and the tax. it's too much money. talk to us about that aspect. >> well it's not so much a tax as penalty for those who don't join into the health care pool. so for example someone going to the er if i go to the er and have something very serious going on with me and i can't pay, the hospital cost but it is passed on to the companies who pass it on to the insurers who raise the premiums every year. so it's a cost safer because the money is not transferred to the system from one person to the other. >> reporter: and you see this every day. you work in the emergency room. are you happy about this law being upheld. >> absolutely. absolutely when you ask a lot of people uninsured why did you come to the er they don't know where to go for low cost or free health services or they say i can't afford it but i have to come because something's going on with me. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. linda so, abc2 news. five minutes after 6. and
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there was excitement at the statehouse when the supreme court decision came down. some states have been waiting to see whether the supreme court would hold up what we know now obamacare as critics and supporters called it. some of them actively trying to have it overturned. not here plans to implement the affordable care act have been going on since the day it was signed into law two years ago. so basically, university of baltimore legal expert has tried cases before the u.s. supreme court and he says this is a decision that surprised him especially john roberts his vote was crucial affirming that obamacare is in fact constitutional. so this is the hot topic. what do you think about the health care law. many of you sounding off on the wmar facebook fan page we want to know what you think. bonnie writes in saying one thing i do know if it's so great, then why doesn't the president or members of congress have to use it. let us know what you think.
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another huge story coming oust washington this morning. the house voted to hold attorney general erik holder in civil and criminal contempt of congress. this is the first time is sitting cabinet member has been held in contempt. he called for a vote of politically motivated act in an election year. house republicans demanded holder turn over papeers from gun tracking operation -- papers from a gun tracking operation. a rally is planned happening this evening. the effort is to try to save a baltimore rec center due to close. earlier this week the city council approved the mayor's budget and that includes closing recreational centers around the city. tonight's save our city rally and prayer vigil will take place at the mary rodham rec center and starts at 6:30. more information on that is on >> fighters continue to struggling to get a handle on the wild fires in colorado. we are going to a have a live report from the fire zone and
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get an update on how so many people have been displayed from their homes and so many homes have been destroyed. plus, did this ups driver decide to take a cool dip in the bay? we will explain how the truck ended up there in the first place. lynette. i know you will have a lot to say about that. >> i will. but i have a lot to say about the severe weather this morning. the radar will calm down and then we will talk about this heat that's in place. those details coming up.>> reporter: we are dealing with severe weather and traffic is just starting to pick up on 695 at harford road. i will show you where there's congestion coming up on good morning maryland." >> a live picture of new york city. 8 minutes after 6. let's head up there for today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites research in motion seems to be slowing to a halt. the blackberry maker just posted a huge loss for the latestquarter and is delaying
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the new smart phone until next year. they are cutting as many as 5,000 jobs or almost a third of the work force. googel a chrome browser is available for the iphone and coming to the ipad soon. it has many features and will sync with the desk top version. and a free app called stitcher can help you sort through pod casts available. the wall street journal says it uses the pass choices to figure out what you like to hear. >> until now, it's been very difficult to find content in all of the pod casts. there are so many to choose from. >> reporter: stitcher is available for apple and android and note nook and kindle e raiders. those are your tech bites, have a good day. [ male announcer ] millions of dollars for new schools and teachers...
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thousands of new good paying jobs...
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all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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now "good morning maryland." >> today president did -- president obama heads to colorado to get a firsthand look at damage from the waldo canyon wild fires. and the fast moving flats destroyed hundreds of homes they have charred thousands of acres and abc2 news and dray endo joins us with the latest sandra -- sandra endo joins us live with the late. >> reporter: president obama authorized federal funds to help the localities devastate by the sweeping wild fires. as you mentioned, the president he will see firsthand torched neighborhoods and damage left behind by the flames which are blazing. the colorado horizon is engulfed in flames. families are fleeing their homes. sometimes with nowhere to go. hotel rooms are hard to come by. >> we sat in the parking lot in castle rock homeless for hours trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: she and her family were taken in by strangers one
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of the many acts of kindness during a terrifying time in colorado springs. the waldo canyon fire has claimed nearly 350 homes. entire neighborhoods are wiped out. the u.s. forest service fears it could be mid-july before the flames are under control. >> this is a fire storm of epic proportions. >> reporter: relief arrived thursday in the form of calmer winds and slightly cooler temperatures. more of the same is in the forecast for friday. for some 180,000 plus acres of charred land, burned in fires around the state, that relief is too little too late. tens of thousands of people are under evacuation orders. others are watching the fires creep closer hoping their home is not next. >> they've set up a command post above us and there's two tanker trucks and that's where they are fighting the fire from. >> reporter: some can only wait for word that it's safe to go home.
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and pray their home is there when they arrive. >> we don't know when we will get back in. right now, i am trying not to think about it. >> reporter: and authorities say the wild fires are about 15% contained at this point. and search crews are going through the areas where the flames are exteng wished. last night -- extinguished last night they found a charred body and are trying to account for those missing. sandra endo now back to thanks let me ask you before you go, do they know the cause of the fire and when it's this big how do they determine what it is? >> reporter: that is big question. and it's a massive effort. they have local, federal investigators trying to figure out the cause of the devastating fire and they still don't know the answer to that. of course, this could take weeks and months to determine. >> all right sandra endo reporting live. thanks so much.
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the president will be touring the area today. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. we are talking about severe thunderstorm warning that is in effect for this morning. and the good news is updated. we are looking pretty good around cecil county and kent county. that severe thunderstorm warning has expired now. but we are looking at that to extend further to the south. so around caroline county queen anne's and talbot county get severe warning until 6:45 or 7 this morning. we will keep you updated. maryland's most powerful radar as of now where we are seeing that severe thunderstorm move across the area, very quickly off to the south and east at about 45 miles an hour. and with this storm you are looking at some gusty winds and also damaging winds and large hail with this thunderstorm. so as we go through the rest of the morning, things are starting to improve a bit. that's what we like to see and
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heading out and about to mount airy this is a improvement. we had some thunderstorms across the area severe around carroll county earlier this morning. but now things are trying to dry out a little bit and the skies will begin to brighten. that will be the scenario for every where as we go through the rest of today. now the moisture content is up there. so that means we are feeling humid this morning. that's what's helping to fuel and drive the thunderstorms that we saw earlier. as well as the temperatures that are close to 80 degrees already and only like 5:00, 6 in the morning. so with the temperatures this warm, we are really going to soar and get hot going into the afternoon. so talking about the heat, we do have a heat advisory that goes in effect at 11 this morning. and it will ling her until 9 this evening. it's going to be a hot day in store for everyone. look at temperatures i am going with right around 100. this is your actual temperature. we didn't factor in the humidity because once we do we will feel like 105 to 110 and that will continue even as we
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head into tomorrow. so for tomorrow morning, through tomorrow evening, we do have an excessive heat watch for the areas shaded in that pinkish color. we will have days of this hot weather. and my suggestion is, head out to the beach and here's the forecast for the weekend. 95 for today, and it's going to be a hot one and 90 on saturday and we still have the chance for showers and storms heading into sunday a slight chance that temperatures coming in in the upper 80s and that water temperature right around 74. so feeling a little better and as we look at the 7-day forecast again, very hot and steamy for today and that will linger across the board. there's the 4th of july still hot and we have a chance for showers and storms to pop up in the forecast. let's check the abc2 timesaver -- abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. >> reporter: we have trouble a gas main break from yesterday shuts down near chapel court. you can use route 3 as an alternate. and in baltimore city firefighters rema-- remain on scene of a two alarm house fire
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that shuts down sponson street at carroll street. it's not causing too many delays in the area no problems to tell you about traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel or harbor tunnel with the construction south of 895 going on. no delays. speeds at 54 miles per hour. the jfx has an 11 minute ride from the beltway to east fayette street and a live look at northwest corner of the beltway, at old court road, traffic will pick up a little bit more as you make the drive down towards liberty road and as for the beltway in overlea traffic pick up towards loch raven boulevard. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic and here's megan with a cute fare friend. >> i know. tina from the maryland spca came in today and brought willie. this is a really cute kitten. >> yes a baby face. >> he is toonie. >> he has an adorable -- tiny.
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>> he is has an adorable baby face he is 3 months. >> he has brother. >> yes they are both hoping to find homes. >> a lot of your dog lovers wonder why you have been bringing in cats so frequentlyp it's because -- frequently. it's because of the maryland 500 and looks like forget it i've exceeded it baltimore 500. >> a race to save lives is a propossession between the maryland spcabaccs and baltimore humane society to find homes for at least 500 cats and kittens and we surpassed that number. we are so excited that 702 so far cats and kittens have been adopted. so we are appreciative for folks that opened their hearts and homes to cats and kittens in baltimore. >> if you adopt welly and his brother we can up it to 704. >> that's correct twhoa. love to be -- that's correct. they would love to be 703 and 704. it goes through saturday.
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so today and tomorrow anyone thinking about adding a feline can adopt a cat or kitten for free of charge. >> before we go i know we are running outs of time you wanted to mention the 4th of july a few things pet owners are to do. >> keep your pets inside. and i know we are inclined to bring our dogs out with us. the best bet is keep them safe inside and to make sure that they have identification on them. the dog tags and actually on cats as well, we see a large influx of lost animals during the time of year. >> all right. so head to the maryland spca this weekend. adopt a dog or cat and they have plenty of cute one like willie. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. stay with us this morning, an annapolis man needs your help. he is a fan of the rock group kiss and wants to meet them back stage so we will tell you how you can help him achieve that goal. and rita italian ice debuting a
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new flavor today. what it's going to be and how long you can get it. details straight ahead. @
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thank for joining us. he is a man on a mission. and as jamie costello reports, chris from annapolis needs your vote to wind up back swage his favorite rock and roll band. >> reporter: dressed up for a job interview but he has one. >> i am a lawyer. i am married and have two children. >> reporter: chris let it out. >> i am a huge kiss fan. [ music ] >> performing rock music like i never heard it. >> reporter: the former marine with longhair and wore makeup to a eastern shore party went to the first kiss concert in the 70s and made it to. to the final round in a contest of military veterans with a chance to go back stage and interview kiss one-on-one. all right what would you ask gene simmons?
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>> what is so significant to you about the military wounded warriors and the veterans returning from the war that causes you to lend your support. >> reporter: as he unzips the kiss lex he has every kiss song on his iphone. >> this is the dixie cup that held gene simmons stage blood. paul stane guitar strap he used to hold his gitor on revenge tour and in a number of kiss videos. this is a 1968 custom. and it's a copy of the guitar kiss plays on stage. >> reporter: and now the lawyered up husband of two kids wants one more kiss. >> once you are known as kiss fan it stays with you. >> so if you head to, we will take you to the voting booth on boomer magazine voting ends on monday so get busy and vote for him.
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what do you say you want to rock and roll all night and party every day. >> i think i will vote for him. >> a great story. jamie always comes up with the best. >> and it would be great if somebody from our area was able to have that opportunity. >> yes. i want to see him with the makeup on on stage. >> that would be great. >> all right. tell us about the caption this today. >> today's caption this picture was sent in by lisa graham in baltimore county and she took a shot of cows that wandered up into her backyard in phoenix and looks like they liked her kids swing set. we posted it and alf you have been sounding off. amy wrote in saying great lawnmower. jim saying we aren't moving until you eat more chicken. move johnny i am going down the slide. and julie wrote in herry up betsy i think i hear kids come i told outgrass not greener on the other side. >> very cute. if you have a caption this idea e-mail it to pix at
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>> we have clever viewers. look at this video. ups truck ended up in biscayne bay and witness told police that the truck hit a tree which rip the roof off the vehicle and the truck plunged into the water. the driver was not hurt but some packages may not arrive at final destination right on time and they might be a little soggy. swimming sensation michael phelps dominating the swim trials in nebraska is competing in events in the summer games. we will tell you how he he did in the latest event straight ahead and also there's fireworks displays in and around baltimore county this weekend. we will tell you what you need to know and where to check them out.
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